How to Buy and Shop With Ethereum Online

Digital currencies like Ethereum (which is the second largest digital currency after Bitcoin) have taken the world by surprise with its anonymity and transparency factor. Whether you are trading or mining, it is very tough to use cryptocurrency as a payment in everyday life because there are only a limited number of websites that actually provide the option of buying products with the digital currency. Product varieties are also usually limited to a certain extent, for instance, gift cards only.

Where can you use Ethereum to buy things online?

TheBigCoin offers an option to spend ETH at a huge variety of online stores including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Farfetch and many others. Most sellers accept payments in FIAT only, so now cryptocurrency community is able to book a hotel, purchase a flight or pay any kind of bills with Ether.

How to buy with Ethereum at online stores that only accept FIAT?

These are the simple steps through which you can shop with Ether anywhere:

Find the product of your choice at any of your favorite online site. It could be a t-shirt, backpack, microwave, hotel electricity bill, online game code, etc. Simply paste or enter URL link of the product.
If you are purchasing a physical item, you will need to provide your shipping address (email address is enough for digital items) and then send the Ethereum amount equal to the one provided at the checkout page.
It is done! Now your order will be processed by our staff and shipped to your provided address directly from the merchant!
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