Shopping Anywhere Online With DASH Is Now Possible

DASH is a digital currency like Bitcoin or Ether. Gradually it is gaining popularity among investors, traders and miners. People have already shown their trust to DASH. Since Bitcoin is accepted in a very few online stores, it is really tough to spend DASH. You could not easily use DASH for travelling purchases, hotels, bills or flight ticket bookings. There are certainly very few options to pay with DASH.

Some of the online sites accept DASH, but they also have certain challenges like:

  • Most online sites have to share the information with government agencies like tax authorities and other departments. The identity of the customers gets compromised and the main factor related to cryptocurrency breaks down.
  • There is only a limited number of products available that you can purchase with DASH.
  • Even if you pay through digital currency it could be a cumbersome process.

So it becomes a real challenge to spend it on your daily shopping list without revealing your identity or personal information. TheBigCoin acts as an intermediary between the customer and different online sites and lets you pay with DASH anywhere you want.

The best part is that you get to pay with DASH without signing up or providing your personal details. You just need to enter your shipping address so that your items would be sent to the correct place.

How to pay using DASH at

Paste or enter the URL of a product that you want to purchase from any online website.
Skip the address if you are buying a digital item. If you're ordering an item that needs to be shipped, type the delivery address and send the required DASH amount.
It’s done.
Relax and wait for your product.

What is the advantage of choosing TheBigCoin to spend DASH?

  • Buy any product from any of your favorite sites like eBay or Amazon.
  • You do not need to sign up. It also doesn’t ask you for your personal details.
  • Buying with DASH is very simple, done in 3 easy steps.

Sending or paying with DASH will definitely give any customer more freedom and more resources at hand to pay for anything. For anyone interested in the legitimacy of the service, the home page of the TheBigCoin contains testimonials and appreciation by many customers who have used it and shown their trust in it.

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