Buying Anywhere Online With Bitcoin Is Now Possible

Since Bitcoin was released onto the market everyone desires to earn it and invest in it by seeing the bright prospects of future perspective. However, it is certainly not an easy task spend the hard-earned Bitcoin which is also known and called as BTC or XBT by the Bitcoin miners and investors. Buying things with BTC becomes a challenge as there is a very limited number of sellers who accept BTC in place of fiat money. You won’t easily find the online sites which let you purchase your favorite items with Bitcoin. Some sites are present that accept Bitcoin but there might occur other problems associated with that:

1. Such online sites would ask you to fill in the personal data like address or phone number. Therefore, the anonymity factor associated with Bitcoin breaks down and a customer's identity gets revealed.
2. These sites might forward the data to tax agencies or other government organizations and the customer's details eventually fall into their hands.

Do popular online sites like Amazon accept Bitcoin?

Amazon, eBay or other online shopping sites do not accept BTC or any other digital currency as of now. The items can be purchased in exchange for fiat money, credit card or debit card payment. That is where steps in.

What can you buy with Bitcoin?

As of now, you must know that there is very limited scope to spend your Bitcoin. It is accepted only by a few online shopping sites, also after getting your full details. TheBigCoin has come up with a solution for this problem. You can spend your Bitcoin on things that can only be purchased with regular currencies. You can use BTC to pay for travelling, outing, daily shopping or even flower delivery, it is only up to you.

How can I pay with Bitcoin?

TheBigCoin thinks that purchasing with Bitcoin shouldn’t be restricted to some online sites and that is why it has made it possible to spend BTC anywhere and purchase anything you can think of. TheBigCoin wants you to follow three simple steps to pay with Bitcoin at websites like Amazon or eBay:

Simply paste the link or URL of your desired product from any online site.
Now enter the shipping address where you want your product to be shipped to and send the exact amount of BTC that is provided. No sign up is required.
It is done!
Your purchase with Bitcoin is completed.
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