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How to Buy Ethereum With Your Credit Card

TheBigCoin presents you the platform which allows you to buy one of the most popular cryptocurrency by using your credit card. Basically, the only thing you need to have for the transaction to happen is your credit card info ready with you. The whole process of buying is really quick and hassle-free:

Choose the equivalent ETH amount you want to purchase in USD or EUR.
Be sure to enter the valid address of your Ethereum wallet.
Fill in the billing info for the credit/debit card you are using.
Complete the payment by entering your credit/debit card details. It is done!

You can see the above steps are so simple and do not need any technical know-how to buy Ether for yourself.

Note: People can use either USD or EUR to buy ETH.
Both currencies are accepted and there are no hassles related to both these fiat currencies.

What are the Benefits of buying Ethereum with TheBigCoin?

Ethereum can be obtained in two ways: either by mining or by purchasing. The first option is more difficult and may get time-consuming, whereas purchasing it from the third party also involves some tricky steps and process. Other benefits of buying on this platform could be:

Reasonable Fees

The fee charged by TheBigCoin is nominal and reasonable which can't be a matter of a headache while you decide to buy ETH. It charges only 5% for your purchase whereas all other platforms charge much more than 5%.

Easy Verification

Once you enter the data and credit card info, TheBigCoin takes just up to a few minutes to verify the whole transaction and it is completed within minutes.

Quick Transactions

TheBigCoin makes sure to transfer the amount to your wallet as quickly as possible. The moment your information is verified, it transfers the specific sum of ETH to your wallet.

Instant Support

Another major benefit of choosing TheBigCoin is the instant support from the team if you face any kind of hurdle while transacting or if you are having an issue understand any step of the transaction. The dedicated staff is always present and at your call whenever the customer faces a problem.

Why are cryptocurrencies getting so popular?

Most digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin have taken the whole world's financial market and transactions to a storm kind of scenario. The moment it has entered the market, it has captured the interest and the mind of people due to its many features. The transparency and security given by cryptocurrencies are near perfect. It boasts of blockchain technology, which is near about impossible to break and tamper with. The fast transfers of money and automatic updating of accounts are some of the other interesting features of digital currencies. It also maintains individuals' transaction secure and secret and does not involve any third party.