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How Can You Buy BTC Instantly With Credit/Debit Card?

If you have ever been into buying any digital currencies, then you must know that buying it might involve a lot of confusing steps and complicated processes. There are not many platforms where you can buy digital currencies like Bitcoin simply with a credit card. Even if you find one suitable for you, you know what complications lie ahead. Isn't it? TheBigCoin brings you the easiest way to buy BTC with credit or debit card 3 easy steps:

Simply enter the amount in USD or EUR equivalent to the BTC you want to purchase.
Be sure to enter the exact address of your Bitcoin wallet.
Fill in the billing info for the credit/debit card you are using.
Make the payment by entering your credit/debit card details.
It is done!

Note: TheBigCoin accepts both Visa and MasterCard for the payment.
And the BTC can be bought with either USD or EUR.

What makes buying BTC so attractive on TheBigCoin?

As you already know, there are only a few online sites which allow you to buy cryptocurrency with minimal steps and maximum benefits. Sometimes if the fees seem too little, the processing time could be much longer. If the processing time is quick, the transferring might take too much time. Either way, you have to face many irritating challenges and processes while buying Bitcoin from other sites.

Here at TheBigCoin, you get the following benefits which make purchasing Bitcoin a nice and smooth experience:

Low Charges/Fees

TheBigCoin charges a minimum fee for the whole transaction. Its fee for the transaction is just 5%.

Easy Verification

TheBigCoin does not need any specific and detailed information from your side. Just the billing info with credit card details are required, the verification gets completed and you will see the Bitcoin transferred to your account.

Fast Transactions

Within a few minutes, the whole transferring process gets completed. The lightning-fast speed of transferring the BTC into your digital wallet is the speciality of TheBigCoin. The maximum time interval for a transaction to get complete could be from up to 30 minutes in usual circumstances.

Dedicated support

The team of TheBigCoin is always ready to help you with any problem being faced by you at any time. The instant response from the support team makes it a very attractive platform for the customers as it caters to the need of people in a very short period of time. The customers do not feel left out in any problem and they get instant solution for their problems.

Why buying Bitcoin with a credit card might be the simplest way?

Since the time cryptocurrencies have entered the market, it has captured a huge interest of many people. The security, transparency in transactions, blockchain technology, near impossible interference and non-involvement of the third party makes Bitcoin a popular choice of investment. The rising price of this digital currency is attracting the people's interest and they are investing in it for a better profit in the coming days. Alternatively, Bitcoin can be obtained through mining or trading. Both these options are very time taking and full of risks.

Therefore, TheBigCoin is a platform where BTC can be bought with the help of a credit card, just like any other online stuff. The whole process is so easy and simple that by the moment a customer puts in all the details, the BTC gets transferred into their digital wallet. It could take up to 30 minutes in regular circumstances for the Bitcoin transaction to complete.