Monero - The King of Privacy Coins

Written by Kevin, The Bitcoin Guru
Sep 18, 2018

Monero is a digital currency which generally supports highly improved confidentiality and obscurity characteristics. It performs as cash and is considered as prompt, undisclosed, and protected. The special feature of XMR is that you can splurge harmlessly without the fear of others as no one can have an idea about your deposits or have a check on your financials. In other words, you may be acting as your individual bank.

Monero transactions are substantiated by allocated agreement and then irretrievably verified on the blockchain. There is no need for third-parties to maintain this currency as safe. It runs on Linux, Android, Mac, Windows and Free BSD effortlessly. It also works on Cryptonote protocol that possesses complex algorithms that are tough to solve like any other Cryptocurrency.

XMR is getting popular day by day as its source cannot be traced. Even the signature of the owner cannot be identified as it makes use of ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses to conceal and confuse the origins, amounts, and destinations of all the transactions. Ring signatures are digital signatures which can be performed by any member of the ring or group, and all the signatures are potential and eligible signatures. A ring signature is by default applicable on the blockchain, and it enables transaction mixing. Stealth addresses take care of the recipient’s privacy. This hides the amount that’s been transacted on the Monero blockchain. This feature is now implemented and will not only hide the source of the funds but also hide amounts being sent in a transaction. Stealth addresses don’t allow a third party to see any transactions done in and out of that address on the blockchain.


Transfer and reception addresses along with transacted amounts are hidden as a part of the process. Transactions on the Monero blockchain cannot be linked to a particular user or real-world identity. It offers almost all the advantages of a dispersed cryptocurrency, exclusive of any of the emblematic confidentiality allowances.

Monero is fungible because it is private by default. Fungibility means that two units of a currency can be mutually substituted and the currency which is alternated is equal to another unit of the same size. Other cryptocurrencies do not have this feature and can easily be traced.

How The XMR Was Created

This cryptocurrency was started by Riccardo Spagni along with six other developers. It came into existence in April 2014 due to its separation from the Bytecoin Cryptocurrency. This took place because Bytecoin was not apparent enough in its operations. Facts came upon crypto-forums that around 80% of coins were previously pre-mined. As a consequence to this incongruity and distrust, the Bytecoin was split into Monero. Monero applies the CryptoNote protocol, which was earlier utilized by Bytecoin. CryptoNote is an application layer protocol that empowers several decentralized privacy-oriented digital currencies.

Interesting Facts About Monero Cryptocurrency

  • Monero has occupied the 10th position in top 10 Cryptocurrencies and it matches to the realistic model of privacy contemplated by Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • It can be preferred by cybercriminal because it has the CryptoNote protocol, which is actually an encryption system in which transactions are signed by several persons simultaneously.
  • The origin, destination and the amount of transaction are not allowed to identify.
  • Another advantage of Monero is its scalability. In Monero, the size of the block is calculated automatically, always ensuring a sufficient reward for the miners.
  • It also has no discharge limit, which for many is a limitation of it and formulates it as an inflationary currency rather than deflationary.
  • Around 15 million XMR tokens circulate on the web at a moment.


  • This currency is highly volatile which means that the value can oscillate between enormous gains as well as losses. The value of this currency depends on the perception and is not controlled by any monetary regulator.
  • If due to some reason you are unable to find the wallet or access details to your wallet, that probably means your currency is lost. Hence you must safeguard your code and should not disclose it to anyone.
  • The value of currencies lies in the technology that is used during storage and transactions. The technology used is a digital platform that is also decentralized.
  • The currency is not monitored by any central government. Therefore, it can be said that there is no hub where information is collected or data can be retrieved.
  • Monero can also be used to shop online.
  • This technology functions 24x7 in a week. Transaction costs are low because there is no middleman which assures the safety of investor money.

Monero Price Volatility

The term “price volatility” describes price instabilities of a commodity and generally measures a time series of present, past and future market prices. It is measured by the customary percentage discrepancy in the value of the commodity. The level of variation in prices identifies a volatile market. It is an outcome of the essential supply and demand aspects of the market. Thus, soaring levels of volatility reveal extraordinary traits of supply and/or demand. It is the determinant of price improbability in markets. In the case of a rise in it, firms may postpone their speculation and may augment their activities for risk management.

Hence, it can be recapitulated that Monero is the category of “privacy coins" that assure you of complete inscrutability focussing on being undetectable and confidential. It should be implicit that XMR is just like Bitcoin and can be utilized to purchase and put up for sale various things. It uses the CryptoNote algorithm and provides the likelihood of complete secrecy in digital transactions. There are various celebrities who have endorsed Monero and are the users of it. It can be harmful in a way as it may be misused by the cybercriminals also.