5 Odd & Funny Cryptocurrencies That Actually Exist

Written by Kevin, The Bitcoin Guru
Sep 26, 2018

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency system used for financial transactions that usually involve the peer-to-peer exchange of assets. Most of the cryptocurrencies are also decentralized and are independent of or entrusted functioning without the interference of any centralized authority as in the case of centralized currencies and banking systems. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency is considered a pioneer in the world of these currencies and it was the first cryptocurrency to be decentralized. There is quite a huge number of different digital currencies and there actually are some absurd and unusual ones:


The cryptocurrency for cannabis trade. As discussed earlier, the digital currencies are usually put to use when illegal items are involved, yet PotCoin is a secure digital peer-to-peer currency used for transactions within the legalized marijuana and cannabis industry-a flourishing global industry estimated at around 100 billion USD. 


Ironically, it supports the growth of legalized industry that seems negative and illegal as it is related to widely criticized drug trade. This coin is considered to be a community effort and means for the interested masses to interact and exchange trades with each other. It was released in 2014 as an open source software and is also used for charitable fundraising.


A limitless cryptocurrency made out of fun. Released as a funny currency inspired by a meme on ‘Doge’ Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed of dogs, the DogeCoin adopted the ‘Doge’ as its logo and name and has grown ever since its emergence in 2013. It was also used for fundraising transactions, notably the 2014 Winter Olympics. Since there is no limit on the production of DogeCoins, it is considered inflationary as opposed to other cryptocurrencies and many tipping services transacting in Dogecoins have been created over the years. Even sites like Reddit and Twitch.tv observed DogeCoin transactions via comments and this was discontinued later on.


A national cryptocurrency with the name and face of Vladimir Putin. Yes, this cryptocurrency shares its name with Russian president, Vladimir Putin, a world renowned leader and statesman. The PutinCoin follows the rule of mining via Proof of Work and Proof of Stake and is decentralized, a typical feature of the cryptocurrencies. The logo of PutinCoin is Putin’s face, which makes the name a lot more veracious and obvious. This cryptocurrency was developed to support the Russian economy and market and aid the country in development and growth.


A cryptocurrency with a vulgar logo. In addition to the mysteriously obscene sounding name it has, this cryptocurrency’s logo goes on to show that the suspicions arising from the name are not absurd. 


The logo is of an animated woman dressed not very decently and posing in an adult oriented manner. It is a mineable coin type currency that is currently inactive.


A simple sounding currency shrouded in mystery. This is an inactive, mineable coin type currency with a pixelated pizza as its logo.