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Why should a business consider accepting payments in Ethereum?

Cryptocurrencies are electronically transferred and embedded in a blockchain technology. Ethereum is an example of such digital currencies and it can be accepted as a payment option for any business.

There are many benefits of accepting ETH payments. The benefits will instantly exceed the charges paid for the transactions:

Fast transactions

The transactions happening in Ethereum are completed within a few minutes. Also, there is a fee of only 0.9% which is way smaller compared to debit/credit card transactions that could cost up to 4%.

Ethereum attracts high purchasing potential customers

Tt is a known fact that people who own digital currencies are more informed than other customers. If a business accepts Ethereum as a payment method, then it may attract these customers and scale the sales. There is quite a small number of businesses in the market that accepts payment in digital currencies, so if any, business does that then they are improving their chances of being selected for shopping.

Low international charges

As there is no government involvement in managing Ethereum. This cryptocurrency does not attract any kind of tax or duties if a business sends its product out of the country.

The above benefits are the major reasons for shifting to this payment system and accepting Ethereum. Some other reasons could be easy processing system, fast processing, etc.

Why TheBigCoin Payments is the best option for accepting Ethereum?

  • It charges a nominal processing fee of 0.9%.
  • It can be widely integrated with different E-commerce platforms like Magneto, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Zen Cart. If you don't use any of these E-commerce platforms, you can easily integrate the TheBigCoin API into your business system.
  • You will have free lifetime support in case of any problem.
  • The accepted payments will go directly into your Ether wallet.

How to integrate TheBigCoin ETH Payments to your eCommerce store?

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Fill in the necessary details and continue.
It’s done.
Now you accept Ethereum!

It is a big myth that cryptocurrency payment options are only for the big players in the market. Even the small and medium-sized business can easily include this payment option and can grow their business.

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