TheBigCoin offers a unique range of cryptocurrency solutions for both, business and consumers.

For business, we do offer Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency processing service with the lowest processing fee on the market of just 0.9%. Together with our intuitive payment gateway, which lets us achieve 2x higher conversion rate compared to competitors, already 3,851 businesses choose us for making them more successful online!

For consumers - a solution where you can spend your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Binance Coin and Dai anywhere online. Quick and simple service to spend your Bitcoin on things you desire online, either it's an item you wanted to buy or a service you wanted to get, using TheBigCoin you can easily tap into whole world’s online stores and buy in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. The whole buying process is very smooth and takes just 3 minutes to complete the purchase.

The ultimate goal of TheBigCoin is to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. While now the biggest problem is that most of the cryptocurrency holders either just trade it, speculate or simply keep it as an investment. On the other hand, second problem is that there is almost nowhere you can spend it. 99% of the online stores still don't accept it! Through our service and technology customers finally can get access to shop in any online store and pay in Cryptocurrency.

For partnerships, please contact us at [email protected].